Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun Flea Market Finds!

What a day we had yesterday.  Started the day off by going to the local craft fair.  I hate to say it but every year its the same thing and I always leave disappointed.  There was however one booth who had some excellent vintage pottery.  I found a set of white tea cups that I am kind of kicking my self for not buying.  But oh well I had to make room for my bigger finds.  We left there and started our long morning of yard sales (my favorite!).

My first find was a vintage 1940's cardigan.  You can't tell from this picture but it is in the most excellent condition.  Its made of lambs wool and angora rabbit fur.  The inside is lined which as my friend Annie pointed out a sign of good quality.  Its true you just don't see that kind of quality anymore.

My next find was a vintage silver tray,  well it was silver before I painted it gold.  

Next up a new chair for my computer desk.  I found it and liked it and then fell in love with it after the man told me it was $7!  What a deal!  It originally had some older floral fabric but luckily I had some ikat fabric hanging around to cover it up.  I really do love this chair.  Its sturdy and old and the detail is beautiful. 

I found these lanterns for $5!  It was the last yard sale we went to and since I had some cash left over I thought why not.  They are quite nice and the bottom unscrews to put tea lights inside.  

My last and favorite find was this little bench for my daughter.  It was originally white but on the way home we stopped at ace and I thought I'd pick up something to make it stand out.  I think this yellow looks great on it.  It was a pain in the butt to paint the little bird houses but they really make the bench quite charming.  

Here is my sweet heart enjoying her new bench.  

Well the yard sales kind of wiped me out and as a result I didn't get to work in the garden as much as I had hoped.  Well I do have one more day off so who know I might muster up enough energy to at least plant some things.  

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