Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A New Lipstick to Try

Yay, another work day down and two more to go!  I did finally receive that Ferman O'Grady dress in the mail only one problem...its HUGE!  haha well I guess that is the risk we online shoppers take.  Well I do love it and it is in great condition so what else is there to do but alter it myself.  I will try not to rush it because  I would feel so guilty if I screwed up such an old dress.  I will take before and after pictures and post them soon.  Anyways, I just got a new lipstick and it has become one of my favorites for daytime.   Its a bit like a coral perhaps but not as orange.

It is Revlon's Pink About It.  I bought mine on amazon for a great deal (I think around $6).  It is nice to have a lipstick other then red.  It is flashy yet subtle enough to wear to work.  I think that coral is universally flattering on everyone!

I took these after work so that explains the sleepy eyes.  So if you are in the market for a new lipstick I would recommend this one.  Have a nice night!

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