Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Green Wiggle Dress

We were invited to a friend of ours surprise birthday party so I finally had the opportunity to sew the vintage m5361 pattern.  I had, for some reason envisioned sewing it in a pretty emerald green.  We live in a small town so I try to buy most of my fabric online, since the only fabric store around here is 40 minutes away.   I ordered the kelly green linen from Robert Kaufman.  It looked a bit darker online and was quite shocked to see that it was a bit brighter then what I was hoping fore.  But me being very lazy and short on time decided to use it anyways.  I'm glad I did because I needed a little more color in my wardrobe.

Originally the neckline looked like the picture above but it just made me look like I was drowning in a sea of green.  I was feeling pretty bummed that I just didn't like this dress on me after spending all of that time making it.  So after spending a day thinking about it and looking up other vintage dresses online for inspiration, I decided that it would be pretty easy to change the neckline into a v-neck, since there was a middle seam on both sides.

I was extremely happy with the end result.  It is the best feeling to create something that you actually love to wear.  The only problem was that since it was lined it wrinkled pretty easily.  

This is me attempting to do the "cupid dance".  I have never heard of it in my life!  My husband laughed the entire time and said that I looked so dainty up there.  I will take that as a complement!  We had such a good time.  It is always fun to have a night out and shake things up a bit.

We stole a pumpkin to bring home to our daughter.

He is my main squeeze.  

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  1. This is such a lovely dress! And the new neckline really suits you. I love how it would work so well for either winter or summer, a lot you'll be able to do with it